Welcome to the Journal

This is the journal of two non-intrepid walkers who like to visit places in and around Kent and Sussex.  Myself, James Apps and my Sister Daphne plus the dog Zoid (we borrow him from my nephew) take a casual walk, mostly on Saturdays throughout the year according to our fancy.  There is no pattern although we do decide on a theme of visits depending on whether or not we have the dog with us.

We are not intrepid, that is eating up the kilometres (they are shorter than miles but appear more in numbers) but more for exploration and pleasure.  We like dog friendly pubs, dog friendly places and a mixture of countryside and towns or villages.

We like lunch, a coffee, beer and chatting with other people.  We are not into hiking boots, huge backpacks and the need to get from one place on the map to another.   Now and then we do some longish walks but the main aim is to exercise and to take the time to stop and stare.  Providing the dog will let us – he loves streets and pathways, stiles and tracks are an inconvenience he will tolerate because he is walking with people who love him (everybody loves him).

However, we do see some lovely places and like to share our experience of them with others. Do not expect a detailed description of a walk but do expect some useful comments on the pub or the place.

A view of Luddesdown Court

Looking across the valley to the organic farm at Luddesdown - Kent

And here, just to show you what we mean is a picture taken on one of our walks.


About jpuss23

I am a writer, poet and artist and I like cats as companions and pets. I am a little ancient (old?)
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