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Iden – a quiet village

We watched the cricket for a while enjoying one incident as a player spat the dummy and threw his bat away when he was clean bowled. Temper, temper. On the way back we noted that the rules of the road, especially speed limits, seemed to have been cast aside by a few drivers. We agreed that it must be the Bank Holiday Weekend that encouraged them to believe the rules do not apply to them. Continue reading

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North Downs – Thurnham

Cricket played on the village green and the wonderful sight of players having to wait whilst somebody found the ball that was hit for four runs through the hedge. It was good to catch a batsman sloshing the ball in the time honoured manner down on the grass and fast to the rather short boundary. Oh well played Sir! Continue reading

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Tenterden – a quick look

We have been to Tenterden before but not as casual walkers so perhaps we may visit again and explore more deeply a town which is often passed through or around on four wheels. In between there are plenty of shops selling antiques, bridal gear, and all sorts of other things that the supermarket stores do not and it was a busy place. Continue reading

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