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Winchelsea Wanderers

We searched for Milligan’s grave in vain and so, with dog trying to lead the way we set off to explore and enjoyed some great views over the bay. Below was Camber Castle built during Henry VIII’s reign to defend the bay – it was built on a spit of land – but now all it does is look pretty and defend us from invasion by the Camber Wind Turbines which do dominate the area. Continue reading

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A Dalliance with Dickens

At this time of the year, on the cusp of Autumn the brambles were loaded with blackberries, wild rose bushes with hips and there was evidence of the turn of season with acorns browning and leaves taking on a tinge of yellow and from the high points along the way harvested fields were already ploughed and fruit ripe on the trees. Whether the village of Cooling is the place where Pip lived or not matters very little as the description of the land thereabouts is enough to set the rest of the scene. Continue reading

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Faversham – I guess

Inundated as the proverbial rodent seemed to be the order of the day and so, with the prospect of also having an errand in Sittingbourne we decided on a local town where perhaps we could get under cover if the said precipitation persisted. Faversham is an ancient town situated on a creek that opens out to the eastern mouth of the Swale and hence to the Channel. Continue reading

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Somewhere in Kent

We set out to go to Capel le Ferne and didn’t. We walked the lane with the enthusiasm of middle-aged idiots who expect a footpath to open up going in the right direction. Continue reading

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