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Roaming at Richborough

One dog, one cold day, two people and we chose Richborough? My sister had not seen it (take it as read the dog hadn’t either) and despite the cold she was as fascinated with the place as I. Sandwich was once a port, as was its Roman predecessor, but the sea is a long way from the town now leaving room for marshes, dunes, birds, factories, oh and a golf course. Continue reading

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Roving Around Reculver

The towers of Reculver Abbey dominate the skyline between Herne Bay and Westgate from the A299 and are always attractive for the visitor. Naturally the idea is to go in the Summer when the wind is not blowing around the … Continue reading

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A Medway Bay – Lower Halstow

We had a look at the church, St Margaret’s of Antioch which is a 13C building with evidence of judicious use of Roman remains (What the heck have the Romans ever done for us?) The church is well worth the visit. Here in this bay is berthed one of the famous Thames Barges, still functional and can be chartered for trips around the estuary during the good weather, and in the winter months visit and go on board for a cup of coffee, and a bite (you do the biting – of sandwiches etc) and a learn a little of the barges and the brickfields. Continue reading

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A Look at East Malling

Past the house there is the Paris House Farm and the barn that is converted to dwellings, but beyond that there are stables and horses in what can only be described as a well managed looking farm overlooking the research station with views across to the North Downs. Reflecting on the poor dog’s former life maybe we should read Plato to them (the Greeks) to remind them of the responsibility of the citizen? Continue reading

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