Seasalter – Where?

From the Saxon Shore Way

Looking at Whitstable from the Reserve

Seasalter, the area on the Graveney Marshes where the birds fly, a top gourmet diner’s pub needs to be booked up for a Saturday meal six weeks ahead and where holiday homes and caravans abound.  At first glance the place is just one more barren seaside, not even on the sea if you take the Swale channel as being an inland waterway, yet on the is February day it was warm and pleasant and offered views across the bays to Whitstable and Herne Bay; and across the water to the Isle of Sheppey.  In fact quite a pleasant place for a stroll with a dog that needed a not too demanding walk.  Poor Zoid has a damaged leg which needs exercise but not too much.


Low tide - barge and birds - Seasalter

Seasalter is a short drive from Whitstable where arts and fresh shellfish can be had if you want that sort of thing, and there is no reason not to enjoy such pleasures, but if you want an out of season stroll or visit to a beach there is no better place than Seasalter. Walking along the shore you can reach Whitstable where perhaps you might want to lunch (unless you have a booking at the Sportsman) where you can take your dog.  Or you can head north toward Faversham Creek and enjoy the walk to Faversham via the bird sanctuary.  A suggestion is of course to take a lunch with you for both trips which will be along the sea shore as there a few paths through the marshes.


All change - and back out to sea

This part of Kent is still an attractive coastline for anglers, boaties and those who like the sea air and a swim.  Across from Seasalter is the Isle of Sheppey and on the day we went we saw a flock of Brent’s geese fly across the water from nearby Harty to the lakes at Oare reserve.  This was on the walk from the Sportsman where we had a drink in the bar and as we looked across the water we saw what looked like a dredger operating in Swale channel.  A lighter detached itself from the rig and chugged to shore where it disgorged workers and loaded more. We were witnessing a shift change of cable layers.  The cables were being laid to the Wind Turbines offshore to the power station at Faversham – a series of four evidently adding to the national grid.  Good stuff.  The men going aboard with their equipment looked like aliens so we settled for that.


Oyster Catcher - feeding

We watched the busy Redshanks on the beach feeding – the tide was out and easing in as we walked – and saw Oyster Catchers with their red bills fossicking and gulls flying gracefully using the air soaring and swooping magnificent in flight.  The treat for us was seeing them on a calm day – beautiful.

As a short visit on a pleasant day Seasalter turned out to be one of those places we may have otherwise passed through, and although there was nothing there that caught our imagination directly as the stroll continued we realised that the place was a popular beach.  Also the Saxon Shore Way passes through and that for many is a bonus being part of a long walk.  Seasalter offers its own view of the Way leading as it does from the marshes to the busy seaside towns.

Saxon Shore Way

Beach Huts next to the Saxon Shore Way

We didn’t walk into the township proper not having the time to spend – we had to be back early to go to an evening function – but a walk along the waterfront to Whitstable is possible.  Maybe another time.  Or perhaps we could walk from Faversham and meet up where we left off.

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