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A Sort of Safari

We do not like captive, caged up animals put on display just for a spectacle. We wandered having missed the otter feeding, through the Flamingo pen , thinking of Alice and games of croquet, out into the rest of the park. A zoo should be educational, look after animals properly, create an environment in which they are happy, do some public service such as help act as a breeding ground for endangered species, rescue and nurture abused animals, and it must make enough money to maintain a high standard of care. Continue reading

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The Mating Call

“A swan can break your leg with its wing” and having never, repeat never, known it to happen, I was happy to be close to the beautiful birds. There are two pairs of Swans and two huge nests – it is good that Swans do not nest in trees – the nest are massive and when you are close up to them you can see just how big the birds are. Note: if Her Majesty (God Bless Her) is tempted to eat one I suggest she is going plough her way through a lot of Swan Sandwiches, stew and soup. Continue reading

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