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Womenswold – a Happy Hamlet

The current weather, in this devastating drought we are suffering, is not the best for the NGS gardens but the stalwarts arrive and enjoy. You do not need to be an anorak to love these places but it helps to wear one in case it persists down. And at one house serving teas the enthusiastic owner was busy. She and her husband have made a pleasant garden with flowers, shrubs and fruit bushes with little hideaways for the temporary recluse. And cake. Which is where we had a piece of cake each and a cup of tea. Wonderful home made cake. Continue reading

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Gravesend – just walking around

That the council has made some effort to regenerate the town (as the current catch phrase seems to be) goes a long way to disperse the bad impression and we can look at Gravesend with a different point of view. Whatever we thought of Gravesend on the day the attraction was to walk along the riverside and see if we could get on to the piers and view the town from the water. Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Gardens

The National Gardens Scheme is such that people will open their gardens to visitors at times during the year and charge a fee to raise funds for a charity. We indulged in two pieces of cake and a hot drink and watched the birds feeding from the dangling bird feeders. Continue reading

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Tunstall turns up Trumps with Flappers and Clappers

We had a list of characters and themes covering a girl on a pony dressed as Queen Elizabeth I, Winston Churchill in agony and trap, a Dig for Victory float, navy and airforce cadets, costumed groups all magnificently attired, a Fagin and his boys – I tried to buy a couple for a new chimney sweeping business but he wouldn’t sell them, not at the price I was offering anyway. As to be expected the flag raising was a bit of a mess, there being a wind and the lanyards getting tangled a little, resulting in the rendition of God Save the Queen (Gawd bless ‘er) being sung with the flag a seven eights mast. A surprise was seeing Queen Victoria ringing one of the bells. Continue reading

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