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Mature level garden – Horsmonden

We had difficulty finding the place at first. Er, with the signs in place you couldn’t miss it but with our superior navigation, we managed. However, we did see some pretty places and eventually arrived at the gardens. We thought that afterwards we should have a short stroll around Horsmonden. Continue reading

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Healthy Walking

In addition to the walking by myself and intrepid sibling, I have recently explored, and will continue to do so, the local Walking for Health Scheme.  I spent a pleasant hour or more at Milton Creek Park on a windy, … Continue reading

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Merry Margate sans bucket and spade

Arriving in Margate, after leaving the Turner we discovered the boat made of small bits of wood and now on its maiden voyage, a true community effort. Called The Boat Project the concept is known as Collective Spirit and will be ready to play around at the Olympics. Coo! Continue reading

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Wildflowers and Orchards

However, after looking around the garden and spending most of the time in the wild flower garden we purchased tea and cake, served with the help of her mother, by a small girl with a huge smile. Victoria and Coffee Cake, and tea. £2 each, handed her five and she had difficulty working out the change. Hold hand up, count five on fingers and thumb, take away four fingers leaving the thumb – logic – you give one thumb in change. Right? Continue reading

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A Day of Remembering – and Grafty Green

There was an Ngs garden open at Grafty Green which was not a long way from Boxley – through Bearsted near Harrietsham. The memory comes from my Father having worked in the area building houses – probably the ones we saw this day after we took a quick walk around the village. Continue reading

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