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Windy at Walmer Castle

Walmer looks as if somebody has taken a huge bucket and spade and used them to shape the building – Deal even more so – and the keep and outbuildings added to make it more like a dwelling. The wind blew heavy in the trees and out to sea the waves were choppy. No sign of an invasion, but with the tunnel and the ferries maybe there is no need to come by sea to Walmer or Deal. Continue reading

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Go Down to Kingsdown

The day, was a good one, sunny with a cool breeze and the worry of rain gone for the time being, so we decided that going to the coast would be a good idea. ¬†We had bad news on the … Continue reading

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Rambling ‘Round Ramsgate

It was one of those days when the forecast promised precipitation, and so we went prepared, only to be pleasantly surprised by the clemency of the weather for the whole day. The other surprise was that when we went to pay for our parking we we told that it was free on Saturday. Now there is a thing. We will likely call again. The proposed construction will be expensive apartments and a boulevard of shops. New and ghastly looking fifties futuristic/Benidorm style buildings that will hide the blank cliff wall but maybe a boring expression of assumed affluence. Continue reading

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