Worth the look – a brief visit to Worth

Worth village centre

Worth village centre

On this day in March when awe remembered that last year the daffodils were straining at the leash to outdo each other it was a sobering thought to remember also that time in 1962 – 63 when the winter gripped us from November to the end of March.   I can assure you that the winter that year was cold and horrible with very few breaks into warmer weather.  This year – 2012 – 13 we have had some warmer days although this year so far our Saturday walks have been a mixture of mostly cold days interspersed with wet and cold, and some pleasant days with sunshine.  The trip to Worth provided none of these comforts.

However, it was with some finger crossing that we arrived in the village, a little outside Sandwich and within easy walking distance of that lovely town, we were pleasantly surprised.  Popped into the St Crispin pub for a coffee, ordered lunch for 13:30 and set off to explore the village.

From the allotments - bleak but on a summer's day it should be 'nice'

From the allotments – bleak but on a summer’s day it should be ‘nice’

We walked to the church with its distinctive steeple, not stopping too long as walking and moving seemed better, the temperature was 2 degrees and there was an icy wind blowing which was nasty.   We followed a path through the cemetery to the end of a row of houses, on the way spotting a yellow truck parked behind the hedge surrounded by brambles and small bushes,  and an old shed.   Out beyond the houses the wind hit us so we hurried on back into the village.

Worth is set on a cross roads with a village pond on one corner, boarding house on another and a church opposite with Barton house taking up the fourth corner.  We were impressed by the small primary school and the pretty houses which looked good despite the snow falling and wind blowing.

Brave tulips

Brave tulips

It is a little gem of a village set on the Kent coast with a number of paths around it that  lend themselves to good  circular routes taking in countryside and beach views as well.   The bonus is that in the right seasons you may also see bird life.   This saturday we heard sparrows in the trees and hedges and the one active Dunnock plus flocks of crows although it seemed most self respecting birds were hiding up.  And in a window box at St Crispin Pub some brave tulips wishing perhaps that had kept quiet.

Thatched cottage

Thatched cottage

We tromped past an old thatched cottage, located a footpath and back along the roads to follow a public footpath into the orchards past some well tended allotments.  Now, standing on the corner of the track beside the allotments was bleak, the wind blowing across the fields from the bay.

Undaunted we carried on looking for the paths that led to Sandwich and found them, meeting another walker who told us more about the tracks.  We crossed behind the village to join the other Sandwich bound pathway and by this time it was getting on to lunch time, so it was back to the pub and warmth.

Notice of intent inside the St Crispin pub.

Notice of intent inside the St Crispin pub.

The food was excellent, and a real treat was the soup of the day, a thick asparagus soup with hot buttered bread.   I had the excellent quiche, my sister satisfying her needs with the soup.

After lunch we decided that the weather was going to get the better of us and put off further exploration to another visit.   One of the rules of our walks is that if we feel we cannot do any more we stop, or make the quickest way back if we are on the road/track.  Another rule is that we plan the walk from our maps and try to make sure that we have a short circuit that can be extended or a long one that can be shortened.   If the weather is too much to bear ( and that includes extreme heat) we adjust our walks to suit.

On this day it was cold and windy and although it was tempting to walk to Sandwich and back the wind was too much.   We decided to come back on another day.  But all in all the short visit was worth it.

One day in Spring - see the blossoms beside the pond?

One day in Spring – see the blossoms beside the pond? Note the white bits – snow flakes – no my sister is not snarling, just cold.


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