Dodging the Dog Turds

The White House from the church in Borden

The White House from the church in Borden

We walked casually, so it seemed from Bredgar to Oad Street via Borden.  The idea being that as Daphne had a hairdressing appointment at 3:30 a local walk was on the cards.  We walked from her place but to make it a more entertaining walk you could start from Bredgar, enjoy the church and the village, before wobbling on.  The road to use is from the pond in Bredgar taking the through road from Hollingbourne passing the garage on your right, cross the M’Way and look for the footpath on the left opposite the horse paddock.

On the corner of Heart's Delight and Wren's Road

On the corner of Heart’s Delight and Wren’s Road

Your way takes you across the field to the corner of Heart’s Delight Road and Wren’s Road where you cross to take the footpath to Borden passing the old houses, one on the bank and the other on its own in the valley.  You walk up the slope and ahead there is the tower of Borden Church where you will end up.  The path crosses the field and passes out onto the road that winds around the churchyard between the houses; a most pleasant sight in the sunshine.

We took a quick look at Borden declining the attractions of the Maypole and the reserve beyond intending to walk to Oad Street for a light lunch.   We waddled along School lane for a few hundred metres and then returned to the junction to walk along to Oad Street via Vigo Cottages but turned off to the right to take the path that crossed a rape seed field toward the ridge where we could see trees and houses.

Approaching Borden Village

Approaching Borden Village

The path was straight and led eventually between fences hedged with Hawthorn.  Now, this is where the title comes from.  There was so many doggie doo’s along that stretch of the public footpath we were forced to look where we put our feet.   The law is that you got a dog, it drops its shit in a public place – you pick it up Moron!  Half the path was a treacherous trap for the unwary.  Yuk!   When we had a dog with us we picked up his poo – there is no dog poo fairy! Moron!

The path emerged onto a narrow road leading to Oad Street Centre where we had a light lunch and a wee (as you do) and enjoyed the break.  We walked back along the road and then rejoined the original path back home.

On the way to Oad Street

On the way to Oad Street

The surprising thing was that by walking part of the route we normally drive on we saw things that are so easily missed.   It was a quick walk rather than an exploration but even so we saw some interesting buildings, noticed the lie of the land a little more and appreciated the variety of farming in the area and the place of the villages surrounded by the farmlands.  On the whole apart from the dog turds the walk was a pleasant one, especially as now the spring flowers are emerging, buds are bursting into leaf and there are still daffodils flourishing.

Sutton Baron Hall

Sutton Baron Hall

We came to the conclusion that Borden was a pretty village and that the walk to Oad Street had a lot to offer.  In fact the walk was an eye opener suggesting other routes to use, paths to explore and discover more about the local area – in pleasant weather.


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