Journey to the West (2)

The island - and the house thereon

The island – and the house thereon

Newquay for the day or to travel out of the town to another, but why bother when I had yet to see the place.  I took off on foot after breakfast to walk the cliff walk, see the harbour and wobble off to the gardens.

It was cold and windy but sunshine was the order of the day and I judged that being chilly in the morning was a small price to pay when later the temperature would rise.  I left my coat behind and was glad I did when the day warmed up.  I walked along the cliffs to Fistral point where there is a look out and an old Coastguard building.  That was the cold bit with the wind blowing in from the sea pushing waves along for the silly buggers to go surfing.  From there I walked down to the beach and across the gold course back to the town stopping for a while at St Michael’s church.

Fistral point

Fistral point

The folks in the church were tuning the organ so I was able to go inside and sit in the chapel for a while thinking about things in general, and specifically about my departed brother.  One of those things you do.

The streets are steep at times but I managed to find the hospital and the road that leads to the path above the Trenance gardens and the boating lake.  As could be predicted I met up with one of the local nutters and had a bizarre conversation about plants, all harmless if somewhat smelly, and bidding him good day spoke with a mother and her child who were playing Pooh Sticks on a bridge over the stream.   Now that was a much more sensible conservation.

I can recommend the lunch in the cafe by the boating lake for a light snack – good food but a little over priced.

Boating lake

Boating lake

Passing under the railway viaduct I walked around behind the zoo to emerge on cliffs again and decided that I would like to walk on to Porth (don’t ask me why the name) where it was rumoured there was a pub.  On the way up from the zoo I was impressed by the clear roads and the gardens that reminded me in a way of New Zealand and even more so on the way down to Porth where the single story houses (I think you call them bungalows) had many bright flowers and plants in the front gardens.

I walked down into Porth, found the pub which was ordinary, had a pint and a sit enjoying the views across the sands.  A man set up a kite that swooped and buzzed in the wind.  A child played in the sand. Birds swooped.  The wind blew and the sun cooked us.  Bliss.

The walk back was windy but fun although when I arrived back at the hotel I was sure that any further walking was not going to happen.  I was knackered.   About the hotel.  The rooms were good, the food was good and the staff friendly but the entertainment was crap.  Bingo and a mediocre musician, a musician/comic who told dubious jokes, and an indifferent barman.

View from the pub at Porth - Fistral point is in the distance

View from the pub at Porth – Fistral point is in the distance

However, the next day was Eden Project day so that evening after dinner I chatted with a companion looking forward to the experience.

About Newquay.  My impression was of a town that relies on the tourists, surfers and excursion visitors.  It has good beaches when the tide is out but from what I saw I have a feeling that they are not swimming beaches.  Although there is something to see in the town and they do their best to get you around the place it is obvious you use it as a base and go out to other places.


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