Monthly Archives: June 2013

Windy West Sussex – Borde Hill Gardens

The beauty of the gardens are that the public are not permitted to wander in the house or the near gardens but are directed around the dwelling. It is like peeking over the neighbour’s wall from the park – you feel invited to look but are offered so much else to see and enjoy that you prefer not to pry. A simple sign saying private is enough. Continue reading

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Staggering to Stonehenge and Salisbury’s Old Sarum

I was happy to pay a visit to a group of stones that were much older than the Rolling Stones. No music but at least the ticket was affordable. I drove through Salisbury and liked what I saw, managed to find the A30, followed that for a while until I took a wrong turning, got back to it eventually and enjoyed the excursions driving at a leisurely rate on uncrowded roads. Continue reading

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