Post article fifty

Okay, so our glorious leader has punched the button; triggered off the action with a Dear Don letter. What now?  We have  a choice of letting the Tory party run the show and wait patiently to be screwed, or to make plenty of demands and suggestions so that we can be certain that we have screwed ourselves. Either way it is a more or less fifty-fifty result.


Scotland’s First Minister is angling for a new referendum that could result in Scotland wanting independence; Northern Ireland is in turmoil and there are questions about the Republic’s relationship with the UK after the break. Wales voted to leave in general and that seems about it. The problem is how to deal with the perceived divisions.

I have a suggestion but in the words of Deep Thought ‘You are not going to like it’ – so here is the James Apps solution to the UK divorce from Europe.

Encourage Ulster and the Republic to form a coalition.

Let Scotland have its referendum and if voting for independence it could become part of the Ulster – Republic coalition to form a Gaelic Union.

England and Wales can be known as The Disunited Kingdom (DUK).

The advantages of this arrangement is that we will not need a border control between Ireland and Ulster. We can then build a wall to complement Hadrian’s Wall – see; the Romans did do something for us, and of course, taking a leaf out of Donald Trump’s book, Scotland can pay for it.  The EU would then find a new route for trade into and out of the Gaelic Union via Scottish and Irish ports and any movement across the DUK can be charged both at the Scottish Border and at Dover.

As an afterthought, we could also get rid of an embarrassing anomaly by ceding Gibralter to the Spanish, bearing in mind that there were may Remainers living there.

If we need to, or if the Welsh get too stroppy in Westminster, we can carve off Wales too and let them become part of the Gaelic Union – it will only need a short wall to close off the border, perhaps following Uffa’s (or Offa’s) Dyke.  And come to think of it there’s not a great distance to cover to isolate Cornwall, but the last two are of course not imperative.

The disadvantage we will only have one Saint’s Day to celebrate, and as the past has shown, poor St George, being a foreigner and shared by many other nations, some of whom do not naturally speak English, has never really been fully appreciated.

Anyway – time will tell and if my fantastic idea is adopted we will all be happy in our disunited land, united by the satisfaction that at last we have our country back.



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I am a writer, poet and artist and I like cats as companions and pets. I am a little ancient (old?)
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