On Kings, Queens, Princes and Presidents

We are reaching the end of a sometimes controversial monarchy; one that has lasted through post war turmoil, peace and anxiety, that has acted as an anchor for our sovereignty and despite the critics has survived. The Queen and her family may be seen as part of the privileged elite that sponges off the people, or a symbol of all that is British, according to your point of view and perhaps, you might say it is time for a change.

Let us bear in mind that the rule of kings is no longer in force since the time of Cromwell and of course the Enlightenment and the effects of the French Revolution, and after WWI  the power of Monarchs was much less. George the Sixth became a figurehead and the present Queen has more than filled that role.

Let us look at the recent developments and remember the bad dictators, and the ghastly choice of Presidents in the US, not taking into account others for the purpose of this rant, and look at the alternatives we are faced with.

If the Queen should abdicate, or pass away we could be stuck with Prince Charles as King, and given the opinion of so many regarding the treatment by the Royal Family of the popular Princess Diana he is not a popular choice.

If Charles should take the throne then the UK should consider holding a referendum as to his suitability for the post. Or ousting him and consider changing the House of Lords to a Senate and creating an elected President as Head of State to replace Queen Elizabeth II. Alternatively the Commons could become an elected Lower House and the Lords the elected Legislative House, with a President as the Coordinator and Voice of the Nation. The President does the visiting and sucking up.

If Charles declines the monarchy then we can adopt Prince Willy as King but perhaps consider changing our method of government. The two house system works because, however awkward, one house will contest the other. We need a lower house to create the laws and run the country, and an upper house linked to the courts to ensure that what the buggers are doing in parliament is legal and sensible.

If we are forced to choose a President be aware that we could get a George  W Bush or a Donald Trump or even a Tony Blair.  Douglas Adams in his book “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” suggested that as Zaphod Beeblebrox was the least competent being in the galaxy he was therefore most suited to become its President.  That Adams suggested a little pink pussycat was actually in charge was wishful thinking but totally acceptable. If the UK adopted a President he or she might do well to read Adams’ book for some useful guidance.

However, Willy would be the popular choice if only that lots of blokes fancy his wife, and both men and women admire Willy and Harry for surviving, almost intact, the ostracisation of their beautiful mother.


About jpuss23

I am a writer, poet and artist and I like cats as companions and pets. I am a little ancient (old?)
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