About Us

I am a writer, artist and an amateur photographer who likes to visit places and walk around looking at things and taking pictures.  I am interested in history and the meaning behind names for places and listening to local stories.  I am currently taking part in a 365 project on the Isle of Sheppey where I live and have created a blog and a journal for my thoughts on my travels.  I am a cat lover but love to see animals in the wild, the grace of seagulls and the wonder of lambs.

My sister is a wife and mother who loves animals and lives near Sittingbourne.  She likes to learn about the places we visit and enjoys sharing her discoveries with me and her husband (Who also enjoys history and takes an interest in local places) My Sister uses me and Saturday as her day out so we usually do it her way, which I like anyway, and have fun trying to find somewhere new to go.  She likes gardens, and so do I, she likes stately homes and so do I.  We both like castles.

But most of all we both like to walk and wander where our fancy takes us.  Sometimes we will follow a route and that too is enjoyable.

The thing is that we are both over sixty and need exercise but not the stomping yomping kind.

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