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Once there were Hovercraft…Pegwell Bay

Anyway, I am glad the hovercraft enterprise failed. As a rescue craft in swampy conditions the things are fine but as a commercial enterprise – yuk! I think I would prefer the Dover ferry boats or even the Viking ship. The treat is to walk along the circular route to the spur from where you can view seals basking on a sandbank. Continue reading

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Rainham Riverside Ramble

Although the Riverside Country Park is a nice place to walk the dog it seems as if the Dog Poo Fairy was absent. The piles of droppings deposited by the myriad canines was a definite distraction. At one point late in the afternoon the cloud was such that except for the reminder of the chimney stacks gazing out toward the mouth of the Medway it looked wild and uninhabited. Continue reading

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Looking at Local Lakes in Leybourne

The lakes have a water sport facility that does not include motorised boats offering board sailing, kayaking, swimming and scuba diving. Gravel pits may not be the best but the park is a pleasant place set in what was once a dull and dreary region dominated by a cement works and scruffy industrial plots. They are still there but on my visit I was barely aware of them. Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Gardens

The National Gardens Scheme is such that people will open their gardens to visitors at times during the year and charge a fee to raise funds for a charity. We indulged in two pieces of cake and a hot drink and watched the birds feeding from the dangling bird feeders. Continue reading

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Goodnestone a Gem on a Gorgeous Day

Little gems such as Goodnestone are a wonderful respite from the urban areas of the sprawling Medway Towns, Dartford and Gravesend and the awful industrialisation of the Thanet coastal towns. The Spring foliage is green and bright, looking new and fresh in the sunlight and everywhere we looked the views were stunning. Birds were busy in the trees and that adds to the pleasure of the walk. Continue reading

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A Sort of Safari

We do not like captive, caged up animals put on display just for a spectacle. We wandered having missed the otter feeding, through the Flamingo pen , thinking of Alice and games of croquet, out into the rest of the park. A zoo should be educational, look after animals properly, create an environment in which they are happy, do some public service such as help act as a breeding ground for endangered species, rescue and nurture abused animals, and it must make enough money to maintain a high standard of care. Continue reading

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Seasalter – Where?

Oyster Catchers with their red bills fossicking and gulls flying gracefully using the air soaring and swooping magnificent in flight create a treat for the birdwatcher. Seasalter is a short drive from Whitstable where arts and fresh shellfish can be had if you want that sort of thing but if you want an out of season stroll or visit to a beach there is no better place than Seasalter. Continue reading

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