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Wouldham – a walk to the woods.

The village of Wouldham on the Medway River until now was a place we rarely thought to visit. It was cold but we discovered other places to walk and quite enjoyed getting out of our ‘comfort zone’ that has kept us more or less confined to exploring favourites. Wouldham is not an attractive looking place, but then neither is Burham or Eccles close by, but when we finished up we were quite impressed with the village. Continue reading

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Once there were Hovercraft…Pegwell Bay

Anyway, I am glad the hovercraft enterprise failed. As a rescue craft in swampy conditions the things are fine but as a commercial enterprise – yuk! I think I would prefer the Dover ferry boats or even the Viking ship. The treat is to walk along the circular route to the spur from where you can view seals basking on a sandbank. Continue reading

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Rainham Riverside Ramble

Although the Riverside Country Park is a nice place to walk the dog it seems as if the Dog Poo Fairy was absent. The piles of droppings deposited by the myriad canines was a definite distraction. At one point late in the afternoon the cloud was such that except for the reminder of the chimney stacks gazing out toward the mouth of the Medway it looked wild and uninhabited. Continue reading

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A Little touch of Borden

Borden churchyard is always attractive and in the sunshine it gleamed. The trouble is that small villages such as Borden become absorbed into the whole and lose some of their community spirit. The village is beautiful and I would want it to stay that way. Continue reading

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Seasalter – Where?

Oyster Catchers with their red bills fossicking and gulls flying gracefully using the air soaring and swooping magnificent in flight create a treat for the birdwatcher. Seasalter is a short drive from Whitstable where arts and fresh shellfish can be had if you want that sort of thing but if you want an out of season stroll or visit to a beach there is no better place than Seasalter. Continue reading

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Roaming at Richborough

One dog, one cold day, two people and we chose Richborough? My sister had not seen it (take it as read the dog hadn’t either) and despite the cold she was as fascinated with the place as I. Sandwich was once a port, as was its Roman predecessor, but the sea is a long way from the town now leaving room for marshes, dunes, birds, factories, oh and a golf course. Continue reading

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