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Gravesend – just walking around

That the council has made some effort to regenerate the town (as the current catch phrase seems to be) goes a long way to disperse the bad impression and we can look at Gravesend with a different point of view. Whatever we thought of Gravesend on the day the attraction was to walk along the riverside and see if we could get on to the piers and view the town from the water. Continue reading

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Allington Lock – Maidstone

In the Summer months there are river trips to and from Maidstone and with the trees on the banks and the attraction of travelling leisurely on water I can recommend a day of exploration. An Uncle once held the post of Lock Keeper during the nineteen fifties and so it was a nostalgic trip remembering the lock as it was in all seasons and remembering too how it was when I was a child. Continue reading

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