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Rainham Riverside Ramble

Although the Riverside Country Park is a nice place to walk the dog it seems as if the Dog Poo Fairy was absent. The piles of droppings deposited by the myriad canines was a definite distraction. At one point late in the afternoon the cloud was such that except for the reminder of the chimney stacks gazing out toward the mouth of the Medway it looked wild and uninhabited. Continue reading

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Seasalter – Where?

Oyster Catchers with their red bills fossicking and gulls flying gracefully using the air soaring and swooping magnificent in flight create a treat for the birdwatcher. Seasalter is a short drive from Whitstable where arts and fresh shellfish can be had if you want that sort of thing but if you want an out of season stroll or visit to a beach there is no better place than Seasalter. Continue reading

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