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Seddlescombe Geese, Mods and Rockers

  Seddlescombe on the road from Hawkhurst to Hastings was one of the places we rode through on our motorcycles in the days when the Mods and the Rockers were creating the setting for the movie Quadrophenia.   It was … Continue reading

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Burwash – not passing through

The amazing thing about most rural places is that at sometime you will see horses, as well as cattle and sheep in the paddocks, and often the horses are being ridden on a road. It was good to see two and vehicles doing it right and passing them properly – wide and slow – which makes the day worth it. Continue reading

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Lunch at Herstmonceux – twice

In 1963 I was an apprentice Fitter and Turner in Chatham Dockyard working first for the Navy Works Department and then for the Ministry of Public Buildings and Works which meant that I got to go to the Marine Barracks … Continue reading

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Windy West Sussex – Borde Hill Gardens

The beauty of the gardens are that the public are not permitted to wander in the house or the near gardens but are directed around the dwelling. It is like peeking over the neighbour’s wall from the park – you feel invited to look but are offered so much else to see and enjoy that you prefer not to pry. A simple sign saying private is enough. Continue reading

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Winchelsea Wanderers

We searched for Milligan’s grave in vain and so, with dog trying to lead the way we set off to explore and enjoyed some great views over the bay. Below was Camber Castle built during Henry VIII’s reign to defend the bay – it was built on a spit of land – but now all it does is look pretty and defend us from invasion by the Camber Wind Turbines which do dominate the area. Continue reading

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