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Wouldham – a walk to the woods.

The village of Wouldham on the Medway River until now was a place we rarely thought to visit. It was cold but we discovered other places to walk and quite enjoyed getting out of our ‘comfort zone’ that has kept us more or less confined to exploring favourites. Wouldham is not an attractive looking place, but then neither is Burham or Eccles close by, but when we finished up we were quite impressed with the village. Continue reading

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Gravesend – just walking around

That the council has made some effort to regenerate the town (as the current catch phrase seems to be) goes a long way to disperse the bad impression and we can look at Gravesend with a different point of view. Whatever we thought of Gravesend on the day the attraction was to walk along the riverside and see if we could get on to the piers and view the town from the water. Continue reading

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Medway estuary

Where the Medway meets the Thames and spills out into the Channel there are birds, industry and walking places. Some cycled, some watched the birds and others, the young ones watched each other. There was even some fishing. But the day was warm and sunny and that was the real reason. And they would be right. The day was a jewel. Continue reading

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A Dalliance with Dickens

At this time of the year, on the cusp of Autumn the brambles were loaded with blackberries, wild rose bushes with hips and there was evidence of the turn of season with acorns browning and leaves taking on a tinge of yellow and from the high points along the way harvested fields were already ploughed and fruit ripe on the trees. Whether the village of Cooling is the place where Pip lived or not matters very little as the description of the land thereabouts is enough to set the rest of the scene. Continue reading

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